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Retail Pharmacy Specialist Job Description

I’ve been writing and submitting articles on why and the way to be a pharmacy specialist, however, many recent feedback makes me realize I overlooked the apparent. What exactly is it that pharmacy technicians do inside a pharmacy. Many people figure they assist the pharmacist enter prescriptions and count pills. This is correct to have an outpatient pharmacy, also known as a retail pharmacy, but there are lots of roles for pharmacy techs in healthcare. The remainder of this information will discuss the task description of pharmacy techs inside a retail or community setting, and supply a bulleted listing of tasks. Future articles covers different pharmacy settings for pharmacy techs and also the job descriptions and tasks connected with them also.

Community/Retail Pharmacy: I’ve labored retail, and that i prefer other settings however, it’s where a lot of pharmacy specialist tasks are found. Exactly what a pharmacy specialist can perform is dependent upon the condition they work via condition laws and regulations and rules. Generally, technicians cannot provide clinical information to patients or perhaps be the ultimate look for prescriptions. In certain states, technicians are permitted to showcase over-the-counter (OTC) medication (ie, medications that don’t need a prescription, for example, acetaminophen and ibuprofen).

Specific roles that pharmacy technicians might have inside a retail pharmacy include: general specialist, lead specialist, buying specialist, compounding specialist, and billing/insurance specialist. In many pharmacies, pharmacy technicians are general technicians with a few of the above listed skills. When you enter a bigger and busier pharmacy, you are able to really have job differentiation where individuals have assigned specialized tasks (in line with the requirements of the pharmacy).

Pharmacy specialist tasks for retail pharmacies include, but aren’t restricted to:

– Entering and processing prescriptions within the computer
-Filling and selling prescriptions
-Requesting refills from physician offices for patients
-Compounding medications that aren’t commercially accessible
-Ordering medications
-Restocking shelves
-Answering the telephone

Retail pharmacies tend to obtain a bad rap from inside the pharmacy profession. Although I favor hospital (which is the subject from the next article), I enjoyed time inside a retail pharmacy. I could become familiar with the shoppers (I love say patients) personally.


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